Hoof Care


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Absorbine Hooflex Liquid Conditioner
Hooflex® Liquid Conditioner is an easy-to-apply liquid form of Hooflex® Original Ointment.
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Absorbine Hooflex Natural Spray
Bag-o-valve spray technology delivers more even hoof coverage without the mess and spills of brush-on ointments and liquids.
- All natural dressing and conditoner nourishes and promotes shiny, healthy hooves."
- Contains herbal ingredients to help promote healthy hoof growth: tea tree oil, arnica, comfrey and avocado oil.
- Enhances hoof color without chemicals or dyes.

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Animal Legends Hoof Dress
(Animal Legends) Protects and strengthens the hoof; deeply penetrates through even hairline cracks! Includes pine tar, fish oil, wheat germ oil, neatsfoot oil, povidone iodine and venice turpentine. The Horse Journal’s #1 choice.
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Bickmore Pine Tar
Product is A topical antiseptic formula that helps hooves retain moisture, promote new hoof growth, and makes hooves more elastic and flexible. It provides Effective treatment for quarter cracks split hooves and hard frogs. It Combats fungicidal and bacterial infections. It is Proprietary. To use, Wash and dry hoof. Apply to coronary band of hoof and hoof wall. As a hoof pack apply at bottom of hoof prior to shoeing. Pint-size.
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Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment 250ml
Unique formulation that promotes and accelerates healthy hoof growth. Maintains optimum hoof condition and aids growth of the hoof. Application by hand stimulates keratin producing cells.
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Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment 500ml
A unique, traditional formula used and trusted for generations.
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As an antiseptic and astringent in the treatment of thrush, hoof punctures, ringworm and cracked hooves in horses, foot rot and ringworm in cattle and sheep
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Ecolicious Hoof Therapy
Organic Hemp, Wheat Germ, Apricot Kernel and Olive Oil are rich in the essential fatty acids vital for healthy hoof growth.

Hoof Therapy moisturizes dry, cracked hoofs, softens hardened frogs, treats contracted heels and protects against the elements. It helps to regenerate heels suffering from over-reaching damage.

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Effol Brush with Stand
Effol brush with stand for your hoof treatments
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Effol Hoof Oil
The hoof oil consisting of lanolin and laurel oil promotes elasticity of the hoof horn and makes even soft hooves very resilient again
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