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All Horse Systems Go: The Horse Owner's Full-color Veterinary Care And Conditioning Resource For Modern Performance, Sport, And Pleasure Horse
By Nancy S. Loving, DVM

The contemporary go-to veterinary reference for horse owners, ensuring today's horse can perform to the best of his ability, whatever his task may be.
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Colic: Causes, Prevention And Treatment
By Andrea Holst & Daniela Bolze

Colic is one of the main reasons for calling the vet. It is a disease that must not be taken lightly, as it often proves fatal.
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Distal Thermometre
1) Temperature range: 32oC~42oC
2) Display LoC: temperature below 32oC
3) Display HoC: temperature above 42oC
4) Accuracy: ±0.1oC
5) Display mode: LCD (3.5)
6) Power: 0.15mW (working)
7) Battery: AG3 1.5V, ordinary button battery
8) Alarm: thermometer beeps after temperature taken
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Effol Mouth Butter
This innovative apple-flavoured product ensures that the bit is able to slide easily which helps to make it comfortable in the horse's mouth
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