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Americana Fancy Padded Halter
Product Description

High quality leather products at an attractive price!
Cowhide bridle leather tanned in America
Triple stitched cheeks
Fancy stitching on nose
Padding on Nose and Crown
Brass hardware
Our price: CA$115.00
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Americana Padded Web Halter
Padded web/ leather halter.
Our price: CA$65.00
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Amigo Padded Halter

-Padded noseband and headpieceThe Amigo Triple Stitch Leather Halter is the newest leather product from Horseware Ireland. A well made adjustable leather halter that fits the budget.

Padded noseband and head piece
Quick release throat clip
Adjustable nose band
Brass name plate
Brass buckles
Our price: CA$98.00
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Aramas Americana Padded Halter
Cowhide bridle leather tanned in America. Triple stitched cheeks. Fancy stitching on nose. Padding on Nose and Crown.
Our price: CA$125.00
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Aramas Zero Halter
The traditional leather halter gets little more exciting with the Zero Shaped noseband. The Aramas did the premium leather halter just right with the shaped nose band that is flattering to the horses head, while the nicely padded for softness and comfort. The fancy stitching is elegant and adds exquisite detail to the supple rich leather in chocolate.
Our price: CA$159.95
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Baker Leather Halter
The famous Baker™ Plaid is now available in halters! The Baker Halter features a full leather crown piece. Brass plated hardware. As with all Baker products, the Baker Halter is made in the USA. Original plaid.
Our price: CA$59.95
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BR Patent Halter
BR Patent Leather Halter
Stylish leather halter with patent leather, round raised noseband, cheekpieces and crownpiece. The noseband and crownpiece have soft leather lining. The crownpiece is adjustable at both sides and the halter has a wide crank noseband. The lower part of the halter can be easily detached with three snap hooks.
Our price: CA$195.00
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Burwash Rope Halter
Our Natural Horsemanship line is made with the same cord as Parelli. Used by
many world renowned professional trainers. These products are well built and are
sure to satisfy your most focused customers.
Our price: CA$42.00
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Camelot Wonder Crib Collar
Softly padded dual strap design for comfort and stability.
Our price: CA$69.95
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Can Pro Lambskin Nose Cover
protect a sensitive horse from halter rubs or add a little protection during travailing.
Our price: CA$13.95
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