Helmet Accessories


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BR Lotus Hairbow
Chic velvet bun scrunchie with large-mesh bun. The velvet bun scrunchie features imitation diamonds arranged like a flower and small imitation diamonds.
Our price: CA$14.50
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Can Pro Equi-Net Hair Nets
An affordable hair net which can be worn pain-free.
Our price: CA$10.95
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Can-Pro Hair Net
Aerborn heavy duty hairnets. Two hairnets per package.
Our price: CA$4.25
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Say goodbye to sun in your eyes!

The EquiVisor® is a sun visor for riding helmets that is a modern version of an old idea that was conceived by an innovative West coast rider, Kim Bronson.
Favorite Features

Available in black, navy and straw
Our price: CA$69.95
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HEY-Sport Foam Active Cleaner
Thorough care for helmets – inside and outside

Our price: CA$18.95
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Horka Show Bow
Lots of new show bows from Horka just in! Really pretty accessory for a great price!
Our price: CA$12.95
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No Knot Hair Net

No Knot Hair Net
This hair net makes that hurried race to get your hair just right under your helmet a distant memory. Super easy to use. No knots to speak of, and strong, durable, elastic that is built to last.

Our price: CA$16.95
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One Knot Hair Net
Uniquely designed with the equestrian rider in mind.
Our price: CA$12.95
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Vinyl Helmet Cover
Just spent $$$$$ on your new Velvet Helmet and were off to the show, but now there's RAIN? Never fear, the Plastic Helmet Cover is Here. These are the soft plastic not brittle (no cracking and splitting). One Size.
Our price: CA$7.95
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What Knot Hair Net
Traditional hair net material with a flat woven junction instead of the usual knot.
Our price: CA$15.95
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