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Acavallo Cut Out Gel With Lambskin
This beautiful pad offers the best of both worlds.
Our price: CA$185.00
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Acavallo Grip Memory Half Pad
Memory Foam Close Contact Half Pad with Grip
The Acavallo pad combines the revolutionary shock absorbing therapy of therapeutic gel with the exclusive properties of memory foam. This design is more contoured than the original for a sleeker look under your saddle and a closer contact. The printed grip pattern keeps this pad securely in place under your saddle without adding any bulk.

Our price: CA$219.00
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Acavallo Memory Foam Half Pad
Help protect your horse’s back with this Acavallo® Memory Foam Half Pad. It absorbs shock, disperses pressure and eliminates rubbing and friction. This half pad is very thin at pressure points where there’s no need for extra volume.
Our price: CA$160.00
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Acavallo Piuma Pad
Made of a new feather light thermoplastic material, offering horse and rider a really unique set of benefits, i.e. a low-profile but highly effective padding and protection of the horse’s back, low weight and bulk under the saddle, a sophisticated ventilation and air-supply system.
Our price: CA$78.00
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Acavallo Pocket Pad Gel/Memory Foam
The Acavallo memory foam saddle pad combines the Acavallo shock absorbing therapeutic gel benefits with the exclusive properties of memory foam: shocks absorption, avoidance of rubbing and friction, improved saddle fit and pressure distribution for extra relief.
The Acavallo memory foam saddle pad line includes the basic, front & rear memory foam pads with or without gel and it is enriched with the new line Close contact gel & memory foam pads, a three-in-one shorter than the standard items, less visible under the saddle.
Our price: CA$295.00
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BR Bridging Gel Pad
Our price: CA$155.00
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Eqifit Impacteq Half Pad
ImpacTeq™ Half Pad

Designed to absorb extreme impact, the ImpacTeq Half-Pad provides the ultimate protection for both horse and rider. Utilizing EquiFit's ImpacTeq Technology, this saddle pad molds to the contour of the horse's back, ensuring a secure and custom fit. A multi-dimensional air mesh allows air flow and promotes circulation, while an open-cell non-newtonian foam transforms from soft to rigid upon impact. The pads are breathable, antimicrobial and easy to clean. Delivering support, comfort and protection, riding with ImpacTeq is riding with confidence.

Our price: CA$330.00
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Equifit ImpacTeq Half Pad
Brand new from Equifit! The ImpacTeq Half Pad provides a custom fit for every ride. The anti-microbial and breathable ImpacTeq core serves as a protective shield reducing shock and distributing pressure points across the pad. Surrounding the core is a multidimensional highly breathable air mesh that molds to the horse and saddle, then recovers to the original shape after each use.
Our price: CA$332.80
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Equifit No Slip Thick Half Pad
Featuring T-Foam™ Technology, EquiFit’s T-Form Therapeutic Saddle Pads™ conform to the exact contour of your horse and saddle for a custom fit on every horse, every time.
Our price: CA$249.00
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Eskadron Sheepskin Half Pad
The brand-new saddle cloth by Eskadron made of synthetic "faux fur" lambskin is deceptively real, yet it can be easily washed. The outer woven fabric is made of100% cotton with a shape-retaining foam insert. A pressure-reducing faux fur padding features at the withers as well as all over the underside of the saddle cloth.
Our price: CA$139.00
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