Braiding Equipment


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Braid Binders
Super-strong and easy to use.
Our price: CA$4.50
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Ecolicious In Control
Keep your horse's mane & tail in control with our Conditioning Braiding & Mane Setting Cream. It provides subtle hold and allows for a good grip making it an excellent mane styling & setting tool that is invaluable in training manes to lie flat.

Shea Butter, rich in essential vitamins A, E and F, revitalizes and returns luster to dry hair, penetrates deep into hair shaft and restores elasticity.

Certified Organic Hemp Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Banana Extracts mooths and softens. Rosemary Leaf Extract promotes healthy mane and tail growth. The delightful scent of Sweet Orange will lift the spirit of both you and your horse, while conditioning the skin. And don't worry! This cheerful scent will not attract bugs -unlike us and our horses, the bugs don't dig it.

Best of all, each drop of this cream is jam packed with natural goodness so you can use less.
Our price: CA$19.95
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Effol Braiding Kit
This styling case by Effol means you always have everything you require for banding and braiding your horse's mane neatly togther in one place.

Our price: CA$59.95
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Mane 'n Tail Spray 'n Braid
Spray-on Professional Grooming Grip for tighter braids, neater banding and easier mane training.
Our price: CA$9.50
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Quic Braid

Revolutionary mane management for superior control

Our price: CA$15.95
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Solo Comb
Mane and tail comb grooms without pain to your horse Integrated clipping blade quickly and efficiently cuts unwanted hair Lightweight portable design even works on delicate whiskers No pulls. No pain. Stunning results. Horse grooming comb effortlessly transforms even the most ragged mane or tail into a beautiful award-winning showpiece. Ingenious design integrates a clipping blade into the teeth of a conventional comb. Simply back-comb your horse's hair as usual and press the trigger to cut unwanted hair. The closer you clip to the roots the thinner the results. Precision professional design even works on delicate whiskers. Constructed of high-impact plastic. Lightweight for easy use. Portable and perfectly sized to groom both at home and on the road as you travel to competitions and shows.
Our price: CA$49.95
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Spiced EQ Braid Bling
Ten piece original rhinestone braiding band set to wrap a braided mane, for that extra show ring sparkle.
Our price: CA$27.95
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Waxed Braiding Thread
Waxed Thread Braided
Very strong waxed polyester braided thread that has many uses.
Available in a variety of sizes and Colours.
Use with the large eye needle.
Our price: CA$26.95
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Waxed Braiding Thread
Each spool contains approximately 25 yards of 4oz waxed thread
Our price: CA$27.50
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