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Pikeur Shadbelly
The Pikeur Dressage Shadbelly is exquisitely tailored for a flawless look. Made of a combination of the finest wool and elastane to provide a traditional show coat that will get you noticed in the show ring for all the right reasons. Made in Germany to the highest quality standards.

Our price: CA$1100.00
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RJ Classics Non-Washable Shadbelly
The RJ Classics Ladies Essential Hunter Shadbelly is designed for the formal hunter classics or stakes classes. This coat is classic black with reversible canary points..

The Essential Hunter Shadbelly is are made of a solid black poly/wool fabric. The lining on the tails on this coat is matching black twill. The "points" are a coordinating pattern that can be reversed to traditional canary yellow. The black shank buttons maintain the conservative "hunter" appearance. This coat will acceptable at any formal hunter classic in the country!
The RJ Classics Ladies Essential Hunter Shadbelly features:

Solid black poly/wool fabric
Double breasted hunt style tailcoat shadbelly
Black twill lining on tails
Coordinating pattern on points, reversible to canary yellow
Black shank buttons
Our price: CA$225.00
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RJ Classics Softshell Shadbelly
RJ Classics Softshell Shadbelly
Our price: CA$450.00
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RJ Classics Volte Dressage Shadbelly
-Solid black dressage shadbelly.
-Black eco-friendly wicking lining.
-Part of our Classic Commitment® green program.
-Weighted and sweat resistant faux-leather tails.
-Canary yellow points.
-Gold shank buttons.
Our price: CA$575.00
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RJ Classics Washable Shadbelly
With R.J. Classics, you will never sacrifice quality and style for price. With this solid black shadbelly, you will enjoy the same fit as the rest of our shadbelly collection. This garment also contains all washable ingredients which means you can throw it right in the washing machine! (Except for the points which must be dry cleaned). Other features include:

Solid black lining.
Black/purple swirl points that reverse to traditional canary color.
Black shank buttons.
Our price: CA$310.00
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