Cavalier Equestrian

One of our main suppliers for just about anything. Here is what we have in stock for bits!


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Bit Converters
Leather bit converters
Our price: CA$13.95
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Cavalier Corkscrew Pelham
Jointed Corkscrew Pelham with 4½" cheeks.
Our price: CA$36.00
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Cavalier Eggbutt Snaffle
Medium weight Eggbutt with 16 mm mouth.
Our price: CA$28.00
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Cavalier Full Cheek Slow Twist
Description Full cheek snaffle bit:

A Full cheek bit is a bit whose bit rings is extended with two small bars at the transition bit ring - mouthpiece. The sides make sure that a horse is easier to turn and that the rider can’t pull the bit through the horse’s mouth. This makes the Full cheek snaffle bit useful for schooling young horses. Attention: this bit is a bit sharper than a Loos ring snaffle, Eggbutt snaffle bit and D-snaffle bit.

The Full cheek snaffle bit lies stable and calm in the mouth.

Our price: CA$56.95
Cavalier George Dressage Bridle
Elegant dressage snaffle with padded single crown and ear relief design, flash, padded brow and padded crank noseband. Supple European leather. Comes with 5/8 " leather reins with leather stops and buckle ends.
Our price: CA$215.00
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Cavalier Happy Mouth Full Cheek
his full cheek snaffle bit features a mouth piece made out of high tech plastic that makes the bit more soft and gentle for your horse,
Our price: CA$79.95
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Cavalier Hollow Eggbutt Snaffle
Featherweight 23 mm hollow mouth eggbutt.
Our price: CA$45.00
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Cavalier L/R French Link
Cavalier L/R French Link
Our price: CA$24.95
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Cavalier Mullen Mouth D
A favorite with top trainers, Happy Mouth bits are covered with a soft, flexible, yet extremely durable, apple-scented plastic which encourages acceptance and softness.
Our price: CA$79.95
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Cavalier Rubber Pelham
Rubber Pelham with firm, 21 mm rubber mouth.

Please note: Rubber mouth bits are warrantied against manufacturer's defects only. Wear and tear caused by routine usage is not covered.
Our price: CA$54.00
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