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Miss Shield Shadow Matt
Inspired by women classic hats the Miss Shield is equipped with a long visor and a customizable frontal band. The Miss Shield has been designed on the base of classic Samshield helmets (Shadowmatt and Premium) and has same technical features (better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact, no risk of tipping the helmet in case of violent movement, exceptional ventilation, perfect adjustment, comfort and hygiene).

The Miss Shield meets CE VG1 (Europe) and ASTM/SEI F1163-15 (North and South America) standards.

Available in Shadowmatt (matt paint outer shell) and Premium (Alcantara outer shell) versions, the Miss Shield is customizable. Create a unique version by customizing the frontal band, the top, the blazon and the trim of the helmet!
Our price: CA$679.00
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Samsheild Backpack
Small and sturdy
Mesh enclosure to provide ventilation
Multiple compartments to store small accessories, such as keys, cellphones, wallet etc.

Our price: CA$79.95
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Samsheild Shadow Matt with custom trim and Blazon

The outer shell of the Shadowmatt is made of polycarbonate, which is a material used, among other things, for high-end motorcycle helmets. It is covered with anti-scratch mat painting.

The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density providing a better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact.

The internal comfort foam, “shape memory”-kind, ensuring a constant thickness over the years of use and the semi-rigid jugular cancel all risks of tipping the helmet in case of a violent movement.

This internal comfort foam is removable thanks to a much stronger clip system than the scratch/Velcro system.
It can therefore be washed at will in order to constantly be able to wear a clean and fragrant helmet.
Our price: CA$738.00
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Samshield Alcantera Helmet
Samshield helmets offer a unique "canal" system to maximize airflow through the helmet, inserts with memory foam to reduce "squeeze" and no contact with the forehead to eliminate pressure headaches,
The Samshield Premium Helmet offers a high quality Polycarbonate outer shell construction combined with variable density polystyrene inside the shell to provide superior impact absorption.
Outer Shell equipped with Alcantara synthetic suede through out.
Genuine leather strap
Removable washable inside comfort liner with clip system fixation to prevent movement.
Our price: CA$790.00
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Samshield Alcantera with Shimmer top
Collection , Premium Alcantara , Shadowmatt
New Shimmer top

Samshield has just created a new top option for Shadowmatt and Premium helmets: the Shimmer.

The Shimmer top is a made in Italy polished leather which has been embossed to create a natural sparkling effect.

Trendy girls love this very chic leather!

Right now available in black, blue and brown on the Shadowmatt and Premium helmet models.
Our price: CA$1110.00
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Samshield Liners
The Samshield Premium Liner offers the best fitting in the industry. Coming from the motorcycle industry, this system allows you to keep a clean helmet all of the time.
Our price: CA$59.00
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Samshield Polo Visor
The Polo Visor is also available separately!

You could easily attach the Polo Visor in order to adapt your classic Samshield helmet (Shadowmatt or Premium) for Polo riding or increase sun protection.

The Polo Visor is available in black, blue, grey and brown Alcantara only!
Our price: CA$167.00
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Samshield Shadow Matt
Samshield Shadow Matt Helmet was the first helmet with removable and washable inner liners. Since then, Samshield has led the industry in game changing innovation. Whether it is an ever expanding line-up of helmets to suit different tastes, or custom helmets, Samshield helmets have been at the forefront.

The Samshield Shadow Matt Helmet has truly transformed the market, with its innovative design. The Samshield Shadow Matt Helmet was born with the goal of maximum safety, optimum performance, and stylish looks. This helmet is a favorite among riders of all disciplines, highlighting its versatility. This helmet surpasses the competition by its one key feature: the Detachable (snap-on, not velcro) liner.

Our price: CA$609.00
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Samshield Shadow Matt With Shimmer Top
Customize your Shadow Matt Helmet with a beautiful shimmer leather fabric!!
Our price: CA$879.00
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Samshield Shadow Matte with Custom Trim
Beautiful extra detailing available on the Shadow Matte helmet. Many different colour combinations are offered!
Our price: CA$704.00