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Prestige Fancy Stitch Figure 8
Made in Italy. Supreme quality and durability, synonymous with the exceptional comfort they offer to the rider and the horse. These characteristics are proven each day by the great riders who have always chosen the precision and technology offered by Prestige products. The Prestige Fancy Stitched Figure 8 Bridle is made with a contoured monocrown that provides exceptional comfort. The throatlatch, 1/2" cheek piece and noseband all descend from a single piece of leather so all pieces lay flat against the horse. Genuine sheepskin disc on the noseband. Fancy stitching on the 7/8" browband, 3/4" noseband and disc. Padding on crown, browband and noseband. Buckle guard on flash and noseband buckle. Square stainless steel buckles, hook stud closures. 5/8" rubber reins are included. Tobacco w/ lighter brown padding.
Our price: CA$295.00
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Prestige Meredith Bridle
SALE! $250 FROM $525
The Meredith range would be incomplete without an exclusive bridle model in leather and with new inserts for the browband and noseband. the design is also new. So, too, are the composite materials used, together with steel. Comes with - flash with rubber reins
Our price: CA$250.00
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Prestige Meredith Dressage Bridle
SALE! NOW $249 FROM $435
Prestige Meredith Dressage Bridle with steel inserts.
Stunning & unique!
Very soft padded headpiece, browband & noseband.
Our price: CA$249.00